Rovers' desert dance - Storm riders

I2 Puli & Magma White rovers in the Moroccan desert. (c) OEWF, Katja Zanella-Kux

Saturday we had a combined run together with the polish Magma White rover in Morocco. It was a stormy ride - the Saharan wind blew quite strong for a while -, with a great cooperation between the teams in Torun (Magma White Control Center), Budapest (Puli Mission Control), Innsbruck (OeWF MSC),  Sahara, Morocco (MARS2013 Field Crew).

The best short description of this joint ride is in OeWF's report on the 24th February: "The two rovers performed an elegant waltz in the desert for two and a half hours as the two project teams remained in contact with each other and coordinated the movements and maneuvers of the two rovers.

Thanks for all participants!

For more on this nice rover ballett and our third week in Morocco, read the full story by our László Molnár here.

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