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Team Puli Space luckily receives quite a lot of media attention, although this mostly manifests in Hungary. However, around here we’re booming: we have been invited to radio interviews, have appeared in nearly all prominent national newspapers, and have been television in talk shows and even in the evening news on major channels. Take a moment and get a scoop of the media appearances of the Team Puli. rover racing in front of the cameras It all started with a few blogs in mid 2010, which picked up on the forming Puli team and the call of the founders inviting anyone to join. Astronomy and sci-fi related blogs quickly posted the first announcements and have contributed greatly to gather the people who make up our team today. Soon articles started appearing in more and more prominent online newspapers, leading to our first major impact in the news directly after our first press conference in September. We have even been mentioned on the evening news of one of the largest TV channels of the country, RTL Klub. By then, we had a rapidly growing list of articles introducing the team all over the net, but even more surprisingly pretty much all of these publications had a very positive and encouraging tone. Some of these write-ups continued their way to printed press, reaching a completely new group of people. This was shortly followed by calls from magazines, that wanted longer stories with pictures and more detailed info. By November we are proud to say to have been featured on the majority of major Hungarian written media sources. Then came the radio interviews… And let’s admit it, we just did not have much experience in doing good radio interviews at first. We do have a few journalists on the team who write press releases, translate important articles and so on (they don’t do blogposts though…), but no professional voice for the team. So we needed a few tries before getting the most out of these opportunities, but our second appearance on Radio Café (after a few short phone interviews on other channels) seems to have gotten to a level where the program could really reach out to the listeners and take the word out to the streets. We were ready for the box. Television meant new challenges: besides presenting ourselves, we needed to show already working rover concepts for the viewers only months after starting the project. As most of our concepts were in a very preliminary state, we quickly had to assemble some proof-of-principle rovers which could be built with our current state of planning, yet could present key features of our designs. The “Hamster” and the “Camel” were born and debuted with success on the screen in December. Another interview later TV2, Hungary’s second biggest commercial channel offered to shoot a complete report on our team, with detailed introduction of members, rovers and the whole project. The program aired in February in “Napló”, a magazine on TV2, and we definitely recommend watching it: Hopefully this was not the last time the media showed interest in promoting our project. These events not only provide an obvious chance to promote the team and get the attention of possible supporters, but also help greatly in turning Team Puli’s project into a collective effort of which many Hungarians can be proud of.

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