H as Hungary - Puli's first week in Morocco

Landed in Morocco – our field crew in the eyes of the Puli rover. Zoltán Molnár and Péter Benedek check H for Hungary!

In the meantime, the Puli I2 rover has safely arrived to the MARS2013 test field and completed its first runs. During the first week we had two team members on site to escort it, but the rover is controlled remotely from the Mission Control Center, located at the City Hall of Budapest (more on this soon). We are delighted to report that the first runs were a great success!

Find more details in the report of our László Molnár on our homepage, and stay tuned for more infos - we have a lot of interesting stuff in the pipeline!

HungaroControl is a Silver Sponsor of the MARS2013 mission of Team Puli Space.

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