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As we noted in our recent post, one of the driving forces behind Puli Space is creativity. Besides the necessary - but not sufficient - creativity in engineering and science, we must be creative in many other areas, like internal organization, creating financing instruments, PR & Marketing, and motivation. Team Puli was honoured to present its ideas on all of these topics in the MBA Course on Innovation and Intrapreneurship at the Central European University Business School in Budapest today.

Here is the short resumee by Prof. György Bőgel, Director of Company Programs, of today's session, as he posted on Facebook:

"CEU Business School, Innovation course, session on creativity. Dr. Tibor Pacher, founding father and team leader of Puli Space Technologies explains the evolution of the group's Moon rover. We started the session with Mozart and finished it with space research. Common denominators: sudden insights combined with hard work, the role of failure and frustration, explanations from brain research, lessons from 3M and Google, Newton's apple and Virginia Woolf, eccentricity of Pál Erdős, managing creativity and creative people..."

Update: Adaptability and Getting a Puli to the Moon.

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