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An email arrived on 30th May, 2012. 

Dear Tibor,

It was an honor to have you with us and and in a few short days you and Puli brought back something to my family's life that I've been exposed to since my childhood but never knew how to pass it on to the new generation: the excitement that I felt as a 6-year-old when the Apollo-Soyuz project dominated the airwaves for weeks. I never had an explanation for how it was possible to preserve such vivid memories of an event that I clearly had no understanding, neither the vast technical, nor the just as important political dimensions of it. Yet I remember those days with almost photographic memory and detail, and not only the names and pictures of the link up, but also what was going on in my own little universe, my family and my kindergarten. It all may look insignificant in light of the complexity of space exploration, yet for me it is its power to transform our own personal universe that makes technology intriguing. The internet would be just a small fraction of its present significance had it only carried corporate and military data and not the thoughts and feelings of virtually half of humanity. With the Lunar X Prize Google brought a new beginning to the democratization of mankind's most ambitious technological dream, and you and your colleagues who spent already 15000 hours on this project can only be congratulated and admired for taking many of us with you on this amazing journey. Further kudos for the brilliant name and visualization of the Hungarian project.

I'm looking forward to your return to New York and it will be an honor to work for your project to come true.

Warm regards,

Ambassador Károly Dán 
Consul General of Hungary, New York

Károly, thank you very much for the warm hospitality and Your support, also on behalf of my whole team. We'll continue our efforts on the way to the Moon and to a new space economy, and hope to see the day soon when Hungarian people will look at the Moon very differently.
Tibor Pacher, Team Lead of Puli Space

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