Team Puli

About Us

Team Puli is a dedicated team of young Hungarian professionals and space enthusiasts, named after the Puli, a dog-breed long used by shepherds for the protection and guidance of livestock in Hungary. Pulis are revered for their extraordinary intelligence, obedience and playful temperament. Pulis’ unique appearance and capabilities easily distinguish them from other dogs, just as Team Puli aims to be different from any other Google Lunar XPRIZE Team.

Through the Google Lunar XPRIZE, we will show that we can invent and apply new technologies to develop a lunar lander rover which is conceptually novel, and send it to the Moon.

We are an innovative engineering team, which, over a longer term, aims to become a prominent player in the growing space industry. A top priority for us is to promote scientific thinking through our quest, especially in Hungary, and make science more popular among students. Building on Hungary’s previous major scientific achievements, we hope that the success of Team Puli will offer another fantastic example that nothing is impossible for Hungarian engineers and scientists, and we can compete with anyone anywhere in the world.

Reciting our Team Leader's quote, we like to think of Team Puli as the smallest prince, an emblematic figure of Hungarian folk tales, who continuously embarks on impossible missions to prove his right to the throne. His example shows that with intelligence, honesty, endurance, some luck and help coming from various unexpected sources, there is no insurmountable obstacle. The XPRIZE Foundation has established inspirational grand scale challenges, including the Google Lunar XPRIZE, which can be  easily looked at as real life counterparts of our fabulous endeavour.  The Google Lunar XPRIZE, with its irresistible attraction and ability to capture the  imagination of the public, together with our belief that even the  smallest of the Google Lunar XPRIZE family can win the prize, encouraged us to enter the competition. Remembering the then unknown pilot Charles Lindbergh  who won the Orteig Prize and the hearts of many people with his  unprecedented flight in 1927 - which, after all, sparked the aviation industry as well as later the XPRIZEs -  we hope that our efforts to win the Google Lunar XPRIZE will be appreciated in Hungary and all over the world. With hard work, endurance, humility, perhaps a pinch of luck, we aim to go high, and we hope that many Hungarian people will look at the  Moon differently in the future.

Team Members

Dr. Tibor Pacher
Miklós Pathy
Attila Bárdi
Dr László Molnár
Mátyás Hazadi
Zoltán Bereczky
Tamás Fogarasy
Dr. Dorottya Győrbiró
Koppány Juhász
László Szűcs
Team Leader:
Dr. Tibor Pacher

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