Team Stellar Presents Flight Grade Hardware at the AIAA Conference in Sacramento, CA

On March 1st, 2014 American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics held its Chapter VI Student conference in Sacramento, California. I was invited to be the guest speaker to dozens of young engineers who are encountering a never-more-open job market.

In the past, astronautic students had limited career opportunities which are now massively expanding, from governmental institutions and government-grant/military-program dependent organizations into a field of disruptive companies such as SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, Stratolaunch, and fellow competitors and colleagues coming out of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. We will focus on our work, of course.

In order to show the students and honored guests the vision how we see the development of private space industry, we decided to show something we haven’t done before: discuss and show the development of our evaluation and flight-grade motherboards for the upcoming missions.

We will publish the complete talk over the next couple of days, but for starters, enjoy this 10 minute video.


Just remember, no development is perfect - our engineers started with getting flight grade board, then we hit a costly snag in testing and went to commercial-grade hardware to build the second one and then ended with a third one using flight grade parts as well.

Over the course of next couple of months, we’ll disclose who our hardware partners are and just how we are trying to improve the parts availability on the market. At this point in time, we are open towards working with other teams as well – but our primary focus will be Stellar and our in-house ecosystem.

Team Stellar is receiving the boards as a part of its partnership with Space Image Network – a La Jolla, CA based company which focuses on building next generation communication (RF, Laser) and Optical subsystems using next-gen CMOS sensors. We have built everything in the United States, showing clear commitment towards creating new jobs in our covered countries – U.S.A., Slovenia, Croatia, Singapore and Australia. We are not closed towards working with other countries as well, but this is our focus.

For the end, we leave you with an image of our first flight grade board outfitted with almost all flight-grade hardware. People in the industry know that the Bill of Materials for space hardware is in six-figures per board, and we are no exception. As the old proverb goes, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some (very expensive) eggs.

But if you are an aerospace engineer - you could not be a professional in a more exciting time than this one.


Theo Valich


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