Stellar media, community and education redesign

As part of our new outreach strategy, we have divided outreach into three main groups and we would like to use this opportunity to introduce our new division leaders. Kristina Ožvald Čačić will lead our educational projects, starting with a project in which schools from Croatia will be invited to compete in development of experiments which will be launched to 30km altitude with baloons. The best projects will be awarded. Marin Tomičić is our new Community Manager and great improvements can be seen in all social medias. Check out an example of our team visual identity implemented in real life: https://plus.google.com/118275274570132603581/posts/P7jCG5zcumX and https://www.facebook.com/teamstellar

Goran Pirš is in charge of other media and is preparing our media exposure strategy.

We are really looking forward to the great things that are planned by our new team members. Welcome and all the best!


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