A lunar adventure of Team Stellar rover

Space exploration has always been inspiring. Many artists inspired by this theme wrote novels, shot movies, painted their artworks, and Gordana wrote a poem about our Rover and its journey to the Moon.

Gordana Stanic Morel worked for UN because she always wanted to help people, especially kids. She was working for UN in Africa and on Haiti, after the devastating earthquake, helping people to survive and rebuild their lives.

Now she lives and works in Canada and writes children's poetry.

We present you a poem "A lunar adventure of Team Stellar rover" written by Gordana Stanic Morel.




This is the story about Rover who is a very interesting guy,

I’m sure you all want to know why.

Rover is a robot being built by our Stellar Team that has the same exploration dreams,

Like the rest of Google Lunar XPrize's teams,

To be the first to send their robot to the surface of the Moon,

And they are planning to do it fairly soon.


But how are they going to do it, you might ask?

Well, it is a very complicated task

Because the Moon is very, very far away,

To travel and get there, a rocket is the only way.

He will leave the Earth, our home planet,

In a very, very fast rocket.

He’ll be launched into the sky

And fly very, very fast and high.


Now you must wonder, why is he going to the Moon anyway,

Especially, since it is so far away?!

It’s kind of a long story;

I’ll make it short, don’t worry.

People have been to the Moon before but that doesn’t matter,

We always want to get to know it even better.

And it is even better when it’s done by small teams

Where everyone is following their big dreams.

And that's the idea behind this race -

To encourage people to discover space.


Let me tell you more about the Universe, we can also call it Space.

It is such an interesting, enormous and still unexplored place!


The Earth is our home planet, I’m sure you all know that!

The Moon, our first cosmic neighbour, is not a planet,

But the Earth's natural satellite, how about that?

It circles the Earth, being visible mainly by night,

Making our nights pretty glittery and giving us clearer sight.


The Sun is not a planet, it is a star

And it’s also very, very far.

We all need Sun because it gives us warmth and light

And makes our days shiny and bright.

The Earth and seven more planets rotate around the Sun,

To learn more about them will be fun!

All of them are part of the Solar System with the Sun in the centre,

They are called Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.


I've explained before how enormously big is Space

Where all of our planets and the Sun have their special place.


So do you like the story about our interesting guy,

Team Stellar's Rover and his adventure far in the sky?



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