SpaceMETA to announce The Core Team Members

SpaceMETA to announce The Core Team Members

Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti - SpaceMETA - Core Team

In a long 10 hours meeting, in Barra da Tijuca , Rio de Janeiro , Brasil, Mr. Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti, founder of SpaceMETA has joined for the first time , the Core Team of SpaceMETA to disclouse the , still confidential in details , the history of the first SpaceMETA launch.

Core Team of SpaceMETA has people from several Universsities in Brasil and still expanding and open for new colaborators.

SpaceMETA , History of First Launch , is a complete Mission including all tipical phases of a space projec mission and its serve to testbed of the procedure planned to be used on the Goal Mission.

"We call this type of meeting a History Mission because at this time we can talk about any dream. Donst matter how possible it is. The phase that will take care about possibilities is not the dream phase". It will be later .. ", Says Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti ti the Core Team.

"We are here to do the Impossible things today, because the possible ones, the Nature will do alone tomorrow , and it can be late for us ...". Concluded him.

On the end of the meeting , Sergio finished with a phrase to the team , based on the Steve Jobs classical words: Acording Jobs, You should love what you do now. Acording Sergio:

"You should love waht you will do in the future... It means that you should love your dreams."

Soon , SpaceMETA spokesman will talk about the first launch that is programed to be realized in 2016.

Google Lunar XPrize - GLXP , is a challenge focused in the techinical development of missions to land a rover in the Moon Surface supported by the XPrize Foundation.

SpaceMETA is sponsored initially by INTEL and IdeaLabs.

Spacial thanks to:

Max Leite ( Intel ) ,  Prof Miraglia ( Edge of Space ) , Marcos Tulio ( Crop Circles ) , Pablo Brenner ( BreezeCom ) , Juliana Laxe ( IdeaValley ) , Carolina Natalizi ( IdeaLabs ) , Juliane Natalizi ( IdeaLabs ).

SpaceMETA CORE TEAM ( First Meeting ).

Alberto Alves,  Alexander Goulart, Andre Luis, Andrei Battistel, Arthur Castro, Bruno Costa, Fabricio Costa, Gabriel Goncalves, Giovanni Panno, Igor Foti, Jonas  Degrave, Lucas Germano, Luciano Malta, Pedro Loos, Peterson Oliveira, Rafael Figueiredo, Ronaldo Matos, Tiago Roux, David Marinho, Rafael Henter, Carolina Natalizi Cabral Cavalcanti, J Cantrell, Junior MIranda , Juliane Natalizi Cabral Cavalcanti, Juliana Laxe , Jose Carlos de Castro Jr, Lucas Wilson Omede, Max Leite, Augusto Carvalho , Marco Tulio , Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti

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