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Thanks Vera! This is sample ugly animation of two years ago. The Earth In the central point, the moon is the ellipse. And the trajectory of the flight path missed the lunar surface in the direct flight. This occurred because of insufficient third (main) impulse, and the Prob did not reach the 11/10 distance the Moon's orbit. Rules are - miss direct flight to the celestial body == and satellite will fly in space forever. Animation made from sequences of a jpeg files produced in tra.exe run. TRA.EXE runs independently (may be on different computer(s) ) and produce jpeg in a projection of a two axes –XY/XZ/YZ, but it is also can output xml file with current positions of sun-earth-moon and polylines of a trajectories (sun-moon-earth-satellites), all what I need is visualization. Java is ok – I do not think it will be strong requirements to install java+java3D on computers running ground stations. From page http://www.adobri.com/ProjectGsC.aspx click on link "In development Craft's /CubeSat's Mission Control. Follow link below ", or directly - on http://www.adobri.com/SatCtrlR.aspx click on "Simulation". For sure if it is possible to do visualization without java but with scalable vector graphics – in that case I can dump java applets and use Jscript. Attached .xml files with samples of coordinates. Also need to use textures (maps of earth/moon) and lights to have a realistic of day/night line – otherwise without lights it is complicated to modify textures on a fly. I like link http://workshop.chromeexperiments.com/globe-search/ but I do not think it will be millions of the users interested in visualization of a GPS satellite position and trajectory calculations/visualization. For a nice representation of a flight path l would prefer to make a screen's saver with dynamic animation (length 1 min max) and with changing view angle on each run. In that case screen's saver can become a useful tool – running on hundreds/thousands computers and picking up from server values for possible trajectory (like - one computer tries one ranges of impulses, another computer tries another set – you know - distributed calculations). With java I can easily do this – switch from the applet to the application, but what about Jscript and SWG? Now about MySQL and Lunaro – Today I know how to do Lunaro's transactions without recording personal information – only place where personal information will be present is the session (session's variables) on the server (server is protected by HTTPS) and E-mail delivery system. I did not finalized cases of fractional payments (like 0.0015 Lunaro), and postponed delivery of coin(s) after original payment (again question is about storage/location of personal information). If to look at BitCoins - it is a nice idea, but it is not what I have in mind. Truly speaking all mathematicians must be jealous – BitCoin is monetization of prime numbers. Next stop will be, let say, a using irrational numbers as silver, and complex numbers as gold (“ How much for a nice looking, last million digits of 3.1415..? Can I use 3.1415..+j2.7182818284… as a guaranty for home renovation loan?”). BitTorent (as distributed storage and processing) idea is not quite fit to a BitCoin/ banking system – in any transaction needs to have “trusted witness” – more servers runs, more chance for cheating. Distributed system should be used to recovery from a loss (different reasons for loss – technical, legal, etc) of the trusted servers. If MySQL can work as a clusters with all-masters mode, and with replication process done automatically, that that is exactly what it is needed. Another problem (to be accounted) is stated on their website - BitCoins are for transaction, not for capitalization. Two nuggets of gold extracted from earth are not equivalent of two proved prime numbers (sorry four to be exact), even was used the same amount of electricity to extract/to get. If somebody uses some prime numbers, proved by a computers' calculation, and anybody can find the same prime number just by pure luck, than for sure system works when prime numbers has to be disposed regularly. If to talk about money, the capitalization needs to be solved, otherwise the scam or crush pre-programmed to the system. I think physical object needs to be used (by the way Victor’s suggestion about rare earth elements are not crazy to speak), capitalization and transaction is like potential and inertial energy in dynamic system - required for stabilization.

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