Report for my friend Alex (Shura):

. . Yep – forget to tell. Yesterday after everybody fell a sleep, I finally set Gyro’s drift to zero. One problem after two months solved. Trick was (except usual == program’s bug) was in mathematic –

-   calculate rotation using quaternion for a period of X seconds (QCorr0);

-   then any next X seconds apply to calculated rotation complimentary of original correction (QCorr0)

Interesting results - on any next X seconds rotation floats, and at the end of X seconds period rotation jumps to 0. Function of a quaternion from a time btw "quantum jumps" is a  3D WAVE.

 If to look just at function cos_angle_devide_by2(t)  – the wave (according your explanation) should be depend / related to a temperature. But if to look at rotation_vector(t) then there is a 3D wave, and it is possible to get characteristics like amplitude, period and etc. It is nice!

Truly speaking correct way will be to calculate period, store quaternion as a function(t) and apply periodic correction to measured results.

Now I understand, what in physics means “quantum theory”. For example: exist object, some object. It is possible to measure some parameters of it and parameters are projections to a Cartesian’s basis, then measured parameters needs to be extrapolate (interpolate) by linear function. Favorite by physics linear function is a zero function, i.e. the velocity of brick remains constant (bricks sits on the roof still) unless the brick is acted upon by somebody hands (force). But in some circumstances measured function is not sits still by makes periodic jumps like flee, then physics applies super-puper-complicated mathematics (usually this is a calculation of the average value) and object labeled as “object-with-quantum-nature”. To investigate “quantum” “jumps” in a function builds big-acccelera-colliders, and new database of measures creates. Shape of correction to zero functions(t) <= =>   quaternion(t) analyzed (period, amplitude, phase), and for distinguish patterns set of labels (electr-positr-prot-bos-on) was created (compare: ancient scientists inTibet used “Om” label). Last stage of learning curve – lyrics writers capable to understand all of that (theoretic scientists) writes books or songs - “From the maelstrom of knowledge - Into labyrinth of doubt - Frozen underground ocean - Melting, nuking on my mind”.

There is no ZERO function. Only abstract ZERO, like Picasso’s painting. Zero function is when we stated / labeled “Do not touch!” “Hands off from the object!”. In real world brick lives its own life, and choose by itself target’s head.

Such a childish explanation of a quantum theory by applying a quaternion’s mathematics. May be I am wrong – that’s what I am usually do.

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