Radiation according horoscope.

Thanks Boris - crystal diffraction of heavy particles can make some "pockets" with low probability of radiation. And also thanks for another idea - stamped, laminated surface of gold leaf in the form of reflective concave mirror can achieve the same. In that case radiation protection for electronics can be done inexpensively - Holes under microchips (anyway done for soldering ground plates)  needs to be filled by indium-lead alloy around 2/3 thickness of PCB. The surface tension of the molten alloy forms a concave surface. All that remains - wash off the solder paste in alcohol and apply gold leaf to the surface. According Alan Turing in his Systems of Logic based on Ordinals http://fregimus.livejournal.com/212682.html -  our intuition needs to be proved before it becomes ingenuity. Of course we are not MIT to check all this in the lab - but the idea is beautiful.

1993, Moscow, friend's house, "space" talks in a kitchen -

- R-7 rocket's engine was... mainframe computers are… and was invented....gyrocompass …..

Little, 6 years old girl, patiently listening to a scientific talk, then suddenly asked:

- Uncle Alex, in what year you were born?

- ?! 1959.

- Uncle Alex! You are the pig! According east’s gyroscope!


Nice article http://haritonoff.livejournal.com/210442.html can be implemented on Xbox  (in Russian. Not sure about appropriate/correct translation to other languages)

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