Phone call from investor.

Video update is not ready again – Serg is busy decrypting Alex’s sentences from a ferry Nanaimo - Vancouver.

Instead of Video - just a story, just a story, fresh, from Friday. -

19:30. 3D printer started its 6 hours job, phone call:

- “I am  Bla-bla from, to bla-bla credit, you bla-bla years, we bla-bla zero, with bla-bla presents,  offer-shmoffer,  would you?…”

Usually I listen till first “Bla”, but brandy already expanded blood’s vessels, and comfortable music from stepper motors together with extruder began to circle a foundation of a model’s formation, I laid back and answered:

– “Yes, I’d like”

Other side was excited, and after 10 minutes of verifications – conformations about tricks on tipple percentage of hidden fees, and last name of my mother before she become pregnant, both sides come to a sacral moment. Credit Card was ready to lend money directly to a bank account. The process reached countdown stage.

On count “one”, I asked:

– “Can you guys, – make it, little bit, bigger?”

Excitement on other side reached level of a NASA, discovered fresh life on Mars.

Sum of lending money reached level of entry fee in Google Lunar XPRIZE competition on night of 31th, December 2010, and to-be-paid-after-6-month amount was increased twice. Countdown restarted from a number “10”. On count “one” I challenged:

– “Please, Sir. Can I have some more?”.

Voice from musical repeated:

- “More!?”

Second abort elevated me to a next management level (where do Credit Cards keep managers at 20:00 Friday? On Hawaii?). And first time from the beginning of acquaintance, voice asked with hesitation:

– “How much?”

Now, it was my turn:

- “Moon…Space…Rover…That is music! From 3D printer! Can you hear it on the phone? And, If! To! Place! 3D printer on The Moon!…. 5 min… and rockets, and Space, and  X, and R, and 7, V-2, Dnepr-18, and 32….probably 5 – but better be 10, ideal case 20  – only in ideal case… each drop of brandy doubled my money requirements …Canada ... Space…Moon…Hockey…15 min…. 45 minutes of flawless flight.

Nerves of Hawaiian-located manager were touched. He began to convince me that even with 50 grand I can reach my goal and improve my home. He apologized that financial institution have no idea what rockets are, and how to sell SS-18 in case of bankruptcy, but perfectly know how to organize, and what to do with real estate (I asked “What do you mean? –Organize, Real, estate, crush?” – he replied “Yes – we do!”).

We was on top, on Qomolangma, we played Prince of Denmark in The Globus, simultaneously– “To get or not to get”, that question – “this amount”. As Romeo, at counter desk in Shoppers Drug Mart, I declared -“There is thy goal!”, and as Tibald he rushed to stick a sword with hidden fees into the belly of Mercutio. After 1 hour he was exhausted.

Truly speaking it was not fair fight – I have had supply of brandy, and he was sitting in office.

Last his words was:  “Would(?). You(!) Like(?). To take the advantage, of our generous offer, and TAKE the money?”

On sentence: “Can we make it bigger, up to 20 millions?!” he drop the phone.

Sorry, my man! You were incredible!

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