Metallurgy. No titanium-aluminium alloys yet.

Not much results for 3D printing. 3 type of alloys so far - the titanium-copper (under layer of a titanium powder - argon is not good for small type owen, and helium conducts heat) - tin-copper , and zinc-copper. Aluminum is not successful at all. Needs to find blocker of O2 and N2 started to be liquid at 500C and boiling point up to 1100C. Window's glass is one possiblity. Tin and zinc - other.

Post office started to deliver delayed by Christmas items from 3D printing factory . Irony - 3D printer waits 3D printed parts to be able to 3D print 3D priter itself - what kind of Christmas's delays will be expect in case of 3D printed internet?

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