Messages to be printed on the lunar surface.

...in December (in two weeks) I’ll  start to print the wheel's spokes  for the rover. I need the list of all of our classmates. 16 tires/spokes on the wheel. On each tire can be printed one or two names. Total (with two wheels) == 32 messages / names. Two or three spokes/tires are reserved for investors. Offer is non expensive, but they are picky and do not wish to buy messages. After the discount - one dollar for one message per year, at once, for the entire warranty time.

Therefore, on December I need a list == one name for one tire of our 1976 school class. The printing area on the tire is 1cm x 4cm. The warranty time for the message to stay on lunar surface (to take an account the modern state of space exploration) - one million years. One or two tires has to be reserved for our teachers - their investment into us were priceless.

Moonwalker. (Alex Dobrianski)

Response from Donetsk-
List of the names - (Needs to ask  Igor which last name he want to place)

1. Анциферов Валерий

2. Белоусов Игорь

3. Бибик Юрий

4. Васильченко Игорь

5. Геженко Инна

6. Гефтер Валерий

7. Добрянский Александр

8. Елифёрова Галина

9. Кириченко Константин

10. Коган Елена

11. Краснопёрова Ольга

12. Кубарева Марина

13. Лившиц Олег

14. Чайковский (Мальч) Игорь 

15. Любашевский Геннадий

16. Милославский Михаил

17. Пашутин Александр

18. Писарев Виталий

19. Плахотный Сергей

20. Плетнёва Оксана

21. Пугач Владимир

22. Сальников Николай

23. Серезентинов Геннадий

24. Скирка Ольга

25. Скокова Валентина

26. Степанель Нина

27. Стешенко Сергей

28. Хасин Станислав

29. Чернявская Наталья

30. Чумакова Светлана

31. Шамович Людмила

32. Шпак Александр

33. Ярёмич Алексей

Хурина Мина Львовна

Белоусова Ирина Викторовна

Борц Илья Яковлевич




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