Laser Distance Finder

During descent, to ignite brake engine at 2800 m/s requires real time distance measurement to Moons’ surface. We think radar or laser can be used. Weight for radar is heavier of the two concepts, around 2-3 kg, which is too large for our small landing vehicle design. Alternative approach is a Laser Distance Finder (LDF). In this case weight will include only two optical lenses, electronic equipment and mounting, significant saving in total mass of a probe. Off-shelf laser range finders can work on maximum distance for a couple kilometres. Requirements – measure distances from 30 km to 5km, reflection from a lunar dust, 0.5W laser. Additionally (a) if it possible the same system can be used to transfer data by laser beam and (b) be used to measure distance to reflectors on a moon on early approach stage. See more on http://www.adobri.com/ProjectCr.aspx

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