Ground Station communication.

Part of the software is https://github.com/alexdobrianski/GrStn. It is interface hub talking via communication port to a ground station’s 2.4Ghz communication system and controls. From other side it communicates with a SatCtrl website to provide session’s data to be stored and processed. Via ground station's 2.4ghz system GrStn communicates to a satellite controls, sensors, and data storage. Download of a latest executable module  on a page “About” of a SatCtrl.

Difference in packet type – for Cubesat/craft uplink type=’1’; for cubesat/craft downlink type=’2’ for cubesat/craft broken packages type= ‘3’ , for ground station uplink control type ‘4’, for ground station downlink type = ‘5’. Posting to SatCtrl- done, parsing response from satCtrl –TBD, POST from satCtrl –TBD, comm reading/ writing threads -TBD.

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