Day off. E-mail, old video R1/V2replica, etc.

It is like after the last mid-term exam – next morning you hesitate what to do next. Day off as it is. Well, somebody e-mailed picture of engines – small one is from Isaev’s family (same type used in Russian direct lunar flight/landing). Second (big on a tray) was from antiaircraft/ antimissile S-200. Last kill 50 people over Black Sea in 2001. Both used heavily toxic fuel (one drop kills all birds in radius 25m), but perfectly reliable. In tragic accident in 2001 Ukrainian military did not have any idea how they shoot down Russian civilian aircraft flying from Israel to Siberia.

If the same e-mail from CESKY ZNALECKY INSTITUT was send to another teams that is attachment with firing/operation/training instructions for a second engine (sorry, in Russian, but math formulas looks nice).

Some engines

Also posted two episodes from Old Russian de-classified technical recording video made in 1948. Was long circulated via internet. Its first customer was Josef Stalin, and then, after, it was used as a training video. A lot of current documentary used some parts of the video recently. Includes frames with Korolev, Chertoc, Glushro, Barmin. In part 4 is a statement: “...V-2 type rocket was successfully replicated from all domestic materials...”.

Video is interesting because of part 4 (in next post). At the beginning was descriptions of all failures (rockets/engnes/etc.), then all failures analyzed and fixes explained. At the end a small portion of a successful flights (not in chronological order).

Closed Captioning added - tried different languages by google translation.

Enjoy and do not consider that video as a post according MTA, it just for recreation == copyright technically should belong to Uncle Joe.

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