Test Stand Construction 7/15-7/19

This past week the Lunar Lion team was hard at work at the university’s machine shop putting the finishing touches on their vertical rocket test stand. The structural frame of the test stand was already machined and welded together with holes drilled for component attachment. We also cut the rocket mounting plate to size, drilled a grid pattern for manifold mounting, and machined adjustable manifold mounting blocks. This grid pattern will have aluminum blocks that interface with it to hold up a small portion of the propellant feed system. The adjustability of the grid pattern will allow fast adjustments to be made to the manifold without re-machining. Each of the holes was precision drilled and threaded by the trained structures subsystem members. We also cut and drilled blocks that will allow load cells to be rigidly attached to the thruster-mounting plate system. This will allow for accurate measurements of the thrust from the rocket engine.

The CAD model of the entire rocket test stand (not including the propellant feed system or electrical components).


Beginning to mill the pocket that will allow space for the torsional load cell.

  Drilling a hole that will allow the attachment of a shoulder bolt to mount the load cell.

Alwin Paul (’15) preps the machine to begin milling.

Alwin Paul (’15) puts oil on the piece that he is about to machine to prevent the machine from overheating.

Alwin Paul (’15) elongates the hole in the adjustable manifold mount that will be attached to the gridded rocket mounting plate.

In this image sophomore Micheal Welch is threading the holes in the gridded rocket mounting plate.

Nick Sofocleous (’15) precision drills the grid pattern into the rocket mounting plate. This gridded pattern will allow the adjustable attachment of the propellant feed systems manifold.

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