Team Leader Michael Paul's Address to Penn State's Board of Trustees

On November 22nd, Lunar Lion Team Leader Michael Paul gave a mission update to the Penn State Board of Trustees.  Being able to show members from the Penn State and State College community Lunar Lion’s progress, and convey how the work done by our students, researchers, and faculty will benefit the University was a great moment for our team.  Those in attendance were greeted by Lunar Lion info cards at their seats and a new promotional video that was created entirely by students on the team.

After catching their attention with the promo video, showing the work being done by the team, and the milestones for the next two years, Michael took the time to stress to the audience how the Lunar Lion mission fits into a larger vision of bringing more research to Penn State and that the University can be a leader in the growing private space industry.  The message of innovation in the private sector resonated with the many entrepreneurs in attendance whose businesses have brought innovation and industry to the State College community.  The students on the team take pride in knowing that the work we do in Lunar Lion will resonate beyond our time at Penn State in a similar way.

After the meeting, some of the students were able to talk with those in attendance on a more personal level and discuss the work we were doing for the team.  Of the many things said about Lunar Lion that day, the best sentiment was expressed by Neil Sharkey, the new VP for Research, who when introducing Michael Paul stated "I’ve been in the position for almost four months now and without doubt, the most rewarding and enjoyable aspect of the job is that it regularly affords me the opportunity to examine first-hand the amazing inspirational work being done across our campuses...but nowhere in my travels am I more inspired than when visiting with Michael Paul and his Lunar Lion team."

Speaking on behalf of the dozen Lunar Lion students in attendance, it was great seeing first-hand the support from the Penn State community that we all call home. 


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