Lunar Lion Receives new H202 Engines

This summer will be a very exciting time for the Lunar Lion Team as it recently received the first of its new H202 engines.  These engines represent a transition from a previous bipropellant LOX/Ethanol propulsion system to a monopropellant one using H2O2.  The previous design for a terrestrial rocket-powered prototype called for using a series of pencil thrusters capable of putting out 20lbs of force.  The new system will still require the prototype (now named Puma) to demonstrate a 500m hop, but do so using four of the new engines, capable of putting out 100lbs of force. 

Designing a craft capable of hopping 500m will require many integral milestones to be met along the way, the first including the designing and construction of a craft that will be able to take off and land vertically in a controlled environment.  The team has already selected a location to test Puma and come up with a preliminary design and expects the controlled vertical test to occur by the end of August. The design (without the propellant tank in place) is pictured below.

Now that the team has received the first of its H2O2 engines, testing can commence.  Expect more updates and cool videos to follow!


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