There, I fixed it! – R0 improvisations at the Team Summit

Everyone wants an R0, our low-cost software environment version of Asimov Jr., so we’re frequently out of R0s, even though we recently had gotten a shipment of 10 of them.

I asked Jürgen to send me his pre-packaged R0; it’s got slightly older electronics (version 1.9) instead of the current 2.1 package. He sent the package from Austria to Berlin on Monday and it arrived just two days before we left for Washington!

The first big challenge was to get it through airport security and customs – which worked! No bomb detector got ticked of by all the weird wiring and metal parts ;-) . Once in Washington we started preparing for our presentation. Looking at the package Jürgen sent us we realized it was a quite incomplete: lacking screws, wirings and, most importantly, the battery pack!

Read, how we fixed it!

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