Setting up the IMU Test Holder

Team Omega Envoy streamlines the design process using their Stratasys 3D-printer for rapid prototyping. The large envelope and fine resolution of the Dimension 1200es printer also allows for expedited production of one-off and highly complex structures that would be extremely difficult to manufacture using alternative techniques. The OE testing engineers often use the printer’s robust capabilities to manufacture testing rigs capable of performing multiple testing series on a single rig; further streamlining the design process through expedited testing.

In the early stages of qualification, the testing engineers designed a rig capable of single and dual axis calibration for Omega Envoy’s inertial measurement unit (IMU) provided by EPSON. The completed apparatus allocates the IMU’s origin at the geometric center of the rig. Without microscopic tolerances in manufacturing, the data extracted in testing would be of no use to the team especially when taking into consideration the extreme precision achieved by the EPSON IMU.

Alternative manufacturing techniques would have driven the team to create three separate testing rigs to perform the validations they can now do with one. 3-D printing drives down manufacturing costs and resource consumption while expediting production, design and testing procedures. Streamlining of these processes would not be possible without the support of Omega Envoy’s project sponsors providing critical resources such as those granted by Stratasys and EPSON. 


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