Farewell to Summer Interns, New Internships Available!

   Earthrise Space bids farewell to our summer interns as fall approaches. Several of our high school interns worked diligently on our outreach rover, successfully constructing a mock up for showing at expos and conferences. Our workshop doubled as a classroom this summer with interns learning (and excelling) at machining and real world engineering. Their time at Earthrise Space was short but sweet, full of exciting experiences and hilarious lunch breaks. Some of our more experienced college interns also are leaving. Their CAD and IT work was exceptional, and their loyalty and dedication was truly admirable. They will be missed, though a bright future certainly awaits them.

   We wish them the best of luck in their classes, whether at the high school or university level.

   Unpaid internships for fall are now available. We’re looking for people living in the UCF/Orlando area, preferably with experience in SolidWorks. These are exciting times to be working in the space industry! Whether you’re looking to get into the field or are a grizzled industry veteran, shoot an email to [email protected].

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