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Earthrise Space Foundation was founded by students for students. Over the last few years, we’ve grown into much more than just the original Omega Envoy project; branching into space research and development, lunar landing technologies and STEM education. Giving the opportunity for students to work on spacecraft and earn valuable real world experience is one of our most fundamental identities; but as the launch date for our lunar mission draws closer, we must focus our resources on specifically aerospace efforts. This, of courses, is not a bad thing. Achieving our lunar goals is a tremendous accomplishment not just for the company, but for the entire private NewSpace industry.  And for a task as monumental and daunting as a lunar mission, every effort must be given to ensure the safe arrival of payload and success of the mission.

But what about the interns, whose sweat and labor laid the cornerstone for the company? Have they been forgotten?

Not if YOU can help it! In early November we launched the CauseVox Fundraiser, and with your help we can continue to hire interns and continue to give hands on experience! This fundraiser is aimed at giving more students than ever the opportunity to work with professional engineers working on a project that most could only dream of. While NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and other aerospace firms are large and bureaucratic, Earthrise Space is a small tight nit environment that facilitates rapid learning and opens a kind of company-wide dialogue that simply does not exist in the larger firms.

In fact, I can attest to this personally. When I was brought on as a writer this past summer, my knowledge of the inner workings of a space company was next to nothing. Sure, I knew that there were XPRIZE teams racing to the moon. But how were they structured? What do engineers do in an average day at the office? How does one go about building spaceships? These questions were answered just in my first day. Over the next few months, I learned everything they don’t teach you in class: how you use the equations in the book, how to expand your professional network, how to write professional emails, how to get to space. I can speak for myself and all the other interns at Earthrise Space when I say that these experiences were invaluable, and a foundation for our careers.

Now, you have the chance to become a STEM advocate! Your generous donations will ensure that students continue to have the opportunity to get hands-on, real world experience in developing space technology. Even the smallest donation of a few dollars helps. For every $10,000 raised, we will add an additional intern. You have the opportunity to be a STEM advocate and help a student’s dream come true!

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