Earthrise Space on the importance of collaboration for space exploration

SpaceNews.com recently talked about the lunar regolith research that Earthrise Space, Inc. is doing in collaboration with NASA's Swamp Works.


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Partnerships like ESI's Space Act Agreement with Swamp Works are important to the health of the industry, and they are vital to the future of space exploration. Competitions such as the Google Lunar XPRIZE and NASA's Commercial Crew Program serve as a basis for initiating innovation and driving down costs. Indeed they are the fuel injection needed to jump-start America's budget-strapped space industry. However, the true prize is not monetary; the true prize is collaboration. The innovative partnerships that develop as a result of these 'space races' is the driving force behind such competitions.

Isn't that ironic? Competition fosters teamwork.

It is often said that if you want to beat your enemy, align with the enemy of your enemy -for he is your friend. As anyone who enters the space industry soon realizes, the enemy is not the other team. The enemy is not the other company. The enemy is not NewSpace, nor is it OldSpace. The enemy isn't even the other country. 

The enemy is gravity.

Being earth-bound is the enemy of space exploration.

Teams, companies, industries, and nationalities are irrelevant. In the end, we are all working towards the same goal: to defeat gravity. Our purposes may be varied and the motivations of some may be less noble than others. However until gravity becomes a non-issue, the goal of every space company remains to escape the earth's grip and explore the cosmos. It's important to keep in mind too that gravity comes in many forms -the physical sense is the most obvious, but gravity also easily defeats us if our focus centers too heavily on earthly gain. No one ever reached space with one eye trained on the ground.

Throughout history there has been much dissention within the global space industry, perhaps moreso today than ever. If those in the space industry are unwilling to set aside their differences and align minds for the greater universal goals of exploring space, innovation will occur only in small bubbles, the majority bursting and instantly becoming lost to time before they even have the chance to effect the world.

In that case, humanity will always struggle to break free of our tiny blue sphere.

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