Balancing Sponsorships – Space vs. Super Bowl

On February 3rd 2014, 111.5 million people watched the Super Bowl, which was the most watched broadcast ever. An estimated $17.7 million in tax costs and $5.3 million in expenses were spent, and around $306 million for 38 minutes in commercial ads. 

 Today, around 2.4 billion people have access to a television and the internet, providing an unprecedented brand exposure opportunity for customers and potential sponsors of the Omega Envoy mission. This particular mission will be able to transmit HD video back to Earth and is expected to allocate commercial ad time from the time our spacecraft is launched until the final day of lunar surface operations.

 The goal is to provide access to corporations and governments to the previously inaccessible lunar surface, enabling new opportunities for science, exploration, resource identification, and the deployment of long-term lunar infrastructure. Potential lunar payloads may include scientific instruments, cargo for future colonies/establishments, rovers/robots that can build with local resources and explore the terrain, as well as memorabilia and novelty items. Individuals, corporations and governments within the US and from around the world have interest in sending payloads to the Moon, to determine: 

  • The locations and concentrations of material resources which can be used to support space development, exploration and human settlement (Such resources could be used to create life supporting materials/elements for human settlements and fuel for transportation vehicles/spacecraft).
  • To conduct science and exploration in the unique lunar environment, including radio astronomy, geology, mineralogy and comparative planetology.
  • To characterize the deterioration of man-made materials in the lunar environment by assessing the current status of heritage hardware on the lunar surface.
  • Other scientific, exploration, and private venture objectives.

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