3-D Printing the Colony of the Future

(Video Credit: GeoBeats News, http://goo.gl/ljIxFR)

A lot of concepts for lunar bases have been thrown around in the last fifty years. The dawn of the 3-D printing revolution has brought talks of printing a Lunar Colony directly from regolith. In this video, one such idea is considered.

What is exciting in this video for Earthrise is the large amount of robots and parts that will need to be hauled to the Lunar surface. A small army of robots for collecting and transporting regolith will be need to be brought to the surface; to say nothing of the furnishings, parts, fuel and other supplies that will be required. And how does one transport an army of robots to the moon? With an army of landers of course!

No matter how we go about building a Lunar colony, it will require massive amounts of resources. Countless contractors, sub-contractors and government entities will be involved. When it comes time to sink the landing pads into the Lunar regolith once again, Earthrise Space will be there to safely deliver the payload.

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