VertiPod 2 Test Pilot selected.

In April, we will re-debut the VertiPod 2 with all its new features, safety, and design enhancements. The test flight program will begin in earnest, as well. We have hired Captain Stan Bloyer to test-fly the VP2. Capt. Bloyer is a former Navy Captain who flew helicopters and other aircraft for many years. Currently he is a pilot for the Commemorative Air Force, flying everything from helicopters to WWII B-17 Bombers. Capt. Bloyer is a great addition to the AirBuoyant team, and we are looking forward to great results and learning a lot to make the VertiPod 2 the best aircraft of its type in the world. This is AirBuoyant’s beginning of its ramp-up to Oshkosh AirVenture, 2009, where it will have a booth and flight demonstration of the VP2. All net profits from the sales of VP2s will go toward LunaTrex’s pursuit of the GLXP.

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