TFX - Space Shuttle Endeavour - 01


Team FREDNET returns to the California Science Center to view the new home of the Space Shuttle Endeavor!  Temporarily housed in a new pavillion at the CSC, the new exhibit has only been opened a few months now.  First we see the exhibit space inside the CSC, where they have a mock-up of mission control running a recorded launch, complete with telemetry for each of the engineering stations.  We also see a tech diagram of the Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSMEs).  There is a galley station from the Space Shuttle on display -- you can see how SMALL the "kitchen" was for the entire crew.  And of course they have one of the Space Toilets on display as well so that everyone can SEE the answer to that age old question, "How do you go to the bathroom in Space!?".

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