TFX - Return to Griffith Observatory - 02


Team FREDNET is exploring the planets of our own solar system at the Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles, California.  With the recent expansion of the observatory, the new exhibit space in the basement provides a display of all the planets, shown at their correct sizes, each relative to the others.  While even the most savvy casual-astronomer might not be too surprised by what they see, there is an added bonus to this exhibit -- the SUN!  As you see the display for the planets crossing the room in their correct order, it is hard not to notice the giant curved wall of the Nimoy auditorium/theater which bounds the room.  Then you may realize, before reading the display, that the planets displayed are not just relative to each other, but to this curved wall which goes from floor to ceiling, more than 40 feet tall.  The size and shape represent the sun in our solar system!  I have seen photos and graphics which show the difference in size of the Sun to the planets many times, but nothing has ever done so well as this to put it all into complete perspective. 

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