TFX - Natural History Museum - 14


Team FREDNET had a wonderful two days of exploring science at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, California.  We concluded our second day by exploring the new garden space out doors at the museum, where visitors can explore many more examples of the science of our natural world.  The new gardens are still being developed and promise to be even more interesting once they are completed.  There are exhibits for food plants, flowers, insects, and even a new bird-blind observation deck to study the variety of birds drawn in by the different types of feeders which have been put up by the museum.  Humanity's exploration of the natural world is where science began and eventually lead to the establisment of the scientific method as the first deliberate and systemic formalization of how we accumulate knowledge.  From these humble beginnings, our modern world was born -- a world which depends entirely upon the advancements that science has discovered.  As Team FREDNET continues to reach for the Moon, using the most advanced high-tech science that humanity has yet achieved, the origins of that same high-tech science can be found here, at the Museum of Natural History, and your explorations of science can start there as well.  Bring your kids, let them learn to wonder, and question, and discover, and beging their own life long journey in science.  In time, we hope their journey will bring them to the Moon as well.  Team FREDNET wants to encourage everyone to dare to dream, and never stop.

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