TFX Answers Questions About Future Lunar Exploration

Because of recent articles relating to X Prize Foundation's (XPF) cancellation of the $10,000,000 Archon Genomics X Prize (AGXP) (1), and a recent blog post by another GLXP team (2), Team FREDNET, The Open Space Society, Inc., (TFXconsidered it prudent to issue some form of reassurance to our supporters, especially with other news publications raising concerns that XPF may water-down the GLXP requirements by providing entirely terrestrial-based “Milestone Prizes” – (3).  TFX assures our investors, customers, suppliers, business partners, and all other supporters that our primary business focus remains unchanged: the goal of TFX continues to be the creation of sustainable commercial space exploration & development on the lunar surface and in lunar orbit.  All TFX supporters should be aware that TFX lunar and space mission development shall continue unabated no matter what, if anything, should happen with the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP) or the entities involved in its management or administration.

It is with this goal of sustainable commercial space exploration in mind that TFX created a roadmap to achieve it.  This plan includes multiple Earth-Orbital and Lunar-Bound Missions which lay the groundwork for a sustainable commercial presence on the Moon.  Recently, a number of TFX's supporters have suggested reordering our lunar-bound missions to accelerate TFX's path to financial stability; however, any such reordering of lunar-bound missions would only take place after extensive review with TFX's board, investors, business partners, customers, and select others.

As has been stated by XPF personnel and others, incentive-prizes cannot sustain these types of businesses over the long-term: such prizes merely serve to offset the tremendous costs of starting these new business ventures.  With recent news articles raising questions about the future of the GLXP, TFX wishes to be perfectly clear in stating that TFX is in the business of building Lunar & Space Missions.  Although we are committed to participating in and winning the GLXP competition, it is the Moon, not the GLXP, that we consider to be the true Prize.  TFX's ultimate goal is the Moon.

Regardless of whether the GLXP should follow the fate of the AGXP, or should it more preferably continue to completion when TFX or another team lands on and fully completes the lunar surface requirements of the GLXP, our business and Missions Development shall continue unabated.

Ad Lunam, Ad Planetus, Ad Astra!


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