How Euroluna is going about blogs and Google Plus

As will be clear to everyone following the GLXP competition, there is a new set of Social Media Requirements, which all Teams have to follow now. These have been in operation for the last 3 weeks.

The basic change is "less minutes of video", and "Google plus very often".

The blog on this XPRIZE Team blog is still required, but now with a specific length in terms of the number of words that should be produced, and one original image related to the blog contents.

So it seems appropriate to sum up what the Euroluna Team is doing to be compliant in this area.

First of all we have nominated a number of person as "managers" of our Google Plus page. This means that several person can write to the page, where the requirement is to have an entry twice per week.

It should also be noted, that there some requirements are weekly ones, while others are monthly.

For the first 3 weeks, we have approximately followed the following schedule:

  1. Monday morning, one entry on Google Plus, typically a general news item in the space area.
  2. Early in the week: one video of approximately 1 minute. Our Youtube channel is connected directly to the Google Plus page, and to our Twitter account.


  1. A GLXP blog entry was made for the London conference, and one additional blog about batteries, with an original image was made later.

We are getting more familiar with Google Plus, and there are things to learn and discover.

And we need to keep track of all 3 platforms in our compliance spreadsheet.

Palle and Tor


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