Happy New Year Team blog

Dear Reader,

this will be "Happy New Year" Team blog from Euroluna.

So first of all we want to wish you all a very happy 2014, with significant progress in our common projects.

Right now all the Teams a waiting for the decision of the Judges on which Teams will be allowed to compete for the Terrestrial prizes. This decision is expected in early January.

Also the Euroluna Team has applied for these prizes, and we are looking forward to the decision next year. The outcome of this application will shape the Team response to the work in early 2014, with different development lines getting higher or lower priority depending on the outcome.

We have been very happy with the Terrestrial prize opportunity and have used this opportunity to formalize our detailed project plan for the mission called Romit3.

We continue to be in close contact with potential launchers for both Romit1 and Romit3, and expect developments on this early 2014.

Looking back at 2013, we got our vacuum chamber installed, and we tested various essential parts of Romit1 inside it. We also made the full integration of the ion space engine into our double cubesat, with only a few additional open issues for Romit1, among them some temperature sensors, and some battery issues.

So all in all a year 2013, filled with progress: not always as fast as we would have liked, and often progress under difficult circumstances, but overall continued and sustain progress towards space!


I wish you all a very good 2014.



Team Leader, Euroluna 


Romit1 in integrated form!

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