Euroluna Planning Meeting

Report from a Planning Meeting

At a recent 3 day intensive planning meeting in Euroluna from 22. to 24. november, the principal workers were present: Søren Rasmussen, (above, trying to figure out why a PCB does not work), Palle Haastrup, and this reporter, Tor Foss Mortensen.

We discussed several topics:

1. How to get enough power to drive the Ion-engine.

2. How to ensure that the solar power cells are harnessed with sufficient strength to take up the forces during descent to the Moon.

3. How to land, get upright, and move on the Moon surface autonomously.

In addition, all the other related subjects and subsystems on Romit were touched upon.

We have a few findings to share:

Titanium wire for spectacle frames is very useful:

a. for making mockup harnesses and hinges for solar panels.

b. for construction of wheels and wheel spokes.

We have also decided to go for the Lunar Xprize survival prize. 

That is all for now, folks.


Tor Foss Mortensen

Team Euroluna

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