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The European Lunar Exploration Association (Euroluna) team is a group of friends and relatives with engineering backgrounds who have gathered to compete for the Google Lunar XPRIZE. The team, whose ages span from 16-60, is headquartered in Denmark, with members in Switzerland and Italy. The background of the team spans most of the necessary technical disciplines, from software, through chemical and mechanical engineering, over risk assessment to business administration. According to the team, the members have been discussing moon rovers and lunar bases for at least 10 years now.

The team is led by Palle Haastrup, President of Euroluna. Haastrup has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, a Ph.D. in Risk Assessment, supplemented by a MBA from the Harriot Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. He has been active in research in the fields of risk and environmental assessment with associated information technology tools for the last 25 years. In his career, he has held various positions as team leader in universities, consultancy companies and research centers. He continues to hold a position as action leader at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra. 

Other key members of the Euroluna team include:

Soeren Rasmussen
Soeren Rasmussen has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and material science, and an MBA from The University of St. Gallen Switzerland, and has extensive international experiences from the private sector in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and France. He has worked for ABB in relation to gas turbines, for Unaxis with optical thin films, and for various companies in the field of high performance polymers and polymer coatings. His experience includes the industrial operation from sales, procurement as well as development. His experience in materials is excellently suited for the needs of Euroluna and he has been nominated as CEO of the Euroluna Ltd.

Tor Foss Mortensen
Tor Foss Mortensen has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce. He has had a long career in IT development in both technical and management software. Highlights: He has been a manager of large IT-departments in Shipbuilding and Shipping Companies and is currently owner and managing director of Langtved Data A/S, which supplies software for the health sector. For more information see: www.langtved.dk .

Tor has the responsibility for the on-board and control center software. Tor is CEO of Langtved Data.

Mogens Rasmussen
Mogens Rasmussen has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. He has 17 years of experience in developing embedded software for communications systems, specializing in operating systems and low-level programming of devices. Mogens has worked for companies like Barco, Scientific Atlanta and Cisco Systems, and will be a very valuable resource on the embedded and low level programming of the probe software.

Signe Terkelsen
Signe Terkelsen graduated from The Danish School of Journalism in 2002 and has since worked for both regional and national media as a freelance and staff writer as well as with press and public relations. Currently Signe works for Metro Denmark. She is a member of the national board of The Danish Association of Journalists. Signe is enthusiastic about this fantastic project, and her experience in fundraising is a valuable asset.

Sten Haastrup
Sten Haastrup is currently finishing technical high school, where he has chosen to specialize in mathematics and physics. He main contribution is with the management and development of the various alternative trajectories. He is also providing fresh and enthusiastic input to all aspects of the project.

Erik Haastrup
Erik Haastrup in the equivalent of the 10th grade in School, and his primary contribution is to operate the program MoonRaker which calculates possible trajectories into space and landing on the Moon. He also generally contributes with ideas and concepts for the project. In addition he reads a lot of science fiction books.

Team Members

Palle Haastrup
Søren Rasmussen
Tor Mortensen

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