Being In Synergy - a new era for the private space industry Beyond the Google Lunar XPRIZE

Pula, Croatia, 23 January 2018 (Updated 26 January 2018)

Today, XPRIZE officially announces that the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE competition will conclude without the prize being awarded on 31.3.2018. As part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE challenge all teams invested 10 years with the goal of initiating a “new space race” to foster the vitality of new born companies and trigger innovation within the private space industry. Amongst the five finalists SYNERGY MOON was the only international team.

SYNERGY MOON believes the outstanding positive outcome generated by the Google Lunar X PRIZE is the existence and capability of all finalist teams, as they have been able to show how a group of visionaries and experts could create synergies within international teams and collaborate for the achievement of a goal involving high risk taking and repetitive overcome of failures.

“We are not dreamers, we are the directors of our dreams” states Nebojša Stanojević, co-founder of SYNERGY MOON and BEING IN SYNERGY.

Beyond the constraints of the Google Lunar XPRIZE, SYNERGY MOON joins forces with TEAM STELLAR (Croatia / Australia), OMEGA ENVOY (USA), SpaceMETA (Brazil) and INDEPENDENCE-X (Malaysia) to share a rocket launch provider to the moon and expands its global network of scientists, engineers, artists, investors and educators such as SPACE KIDZ INDIA, ASTRONOMERS WITHOUT BORDERS, DWINGELOO RADIO TELESCOPE and ANALOGUE TO DIGITAL, to continue its space value co-creation efforts. Uniting the synergetic shared challenges of the last decade, the end of a mission marks the launch of a global space coalition: BEING IN SYNERGY. The new movement will be advocating and sharing its updates through its newly established web platform soon to be released.

BEING IN SYNERGY builds up on these achievements and emphasizes on shared visions regarding the creation of a “sustainable future for humanity on Earth and beyond”. Its aim is to bring awareness and access to private space exploration, travel, technology and education to a broader audience.

“Since I was a little child I was homesick when I looked up at the stars and finally they are closer than ever before.” states Martine-Nicole Rojina, owner of MPATHY STUDIO and co-founder of BEING IN SYNERGY.

BEING IN SYNERGY will collaborate with SPACE FOR HUMANITY, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to democratize space by selecting a diverse group of non-astronauts to travel to the edge of space at the end of 2018. This group will have the chance to see our unique home planet Earth as a sphere floating in a vacuum, shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere and thereby, expand an individual’s perspective on what it means to be a human on earth. By sending everyday citizens to space, SPACE FOR HUMANITY will overcome the elite status of space travelers and create tangible relationship to space for a global society.

Along with the internationally celebrated space event Yuri´s night on the 12th of April 2018, a decisive announcement will be made in regards of the planned moon landing. Meanwhile, the collaboration will consist of a series of organized space awareness events, art collaborations curated by the creative company MPATHY STUDIO, educational projects, and the launch of a participatory platform giving everyone the possibility to apply for membership of the BEING IN SYNERGY global space coalition and utilize the network.

BEING IN SYNERGY is already in the process of onboarding multiple influencers to represent the “new space age”. They will act as guiding orientation lighthouses and translate complex science, technology, art and societal developments into immersive experiences, which can be perceived without the need of any specific knowledge or educational background.

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