To go to the Moon you need Courage and Synergyc Partnership -- SpaceMETA , Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti

To go to the Moon you need Courage and Synergyc Partnership -- by Space Explorers

SpaceMETA - Synergy Moon - Independence X - Stelar - Omega Envoy - GLXP - XPrize
SpaceMETA - Synergy Moon - Independence X - Stelar - Omega Envoy - GLXP - XPrize - To the Moon

Team Synergy Moon, one of the first teams with an XPrize verified launch contract and the first team formed by a merge of two teams has entered into partnerships with GLXP teams Team Stellar, Omega Envoy, Team SpaceMeta and Independence-X.  This is not a merger or an acquisition, as has happened with other teams in the past, but a partnership between these teams and Team Synergy Moon, such that each team remains a separate entity and should retains their current status as an official Google Lunar XPrize team (at least thru the end of 2016), while contributing some of their unique capabilities to Team Synergy Moon as the only team in the partnership with a GLXP verified launch contract.

This partnership network is not focused solely on Team Synergy Moon, the partners will also contribute to each other in ways that will help them achieve their individual and team goals while also making the partnership the core of a Synergy Space Exploration consortium.  Together we have become Synergy Space Explorers. , says Kevyn from Synergy Moon.

This partnership allows us to collectively and individually continue to promote the initiatives, goals and progress of the Google Lunar Xprize competition, which we are all still committed to.  The Google Lunar XPrize is getting more exciting every day, and we think this contributes to that excitement, and advances the goals of the GLXP and of all our teams.  Let us know what we should be doing to further promote our partnership and the GLXP. , conclude Kevin.

According Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti / SpaceMETA / Synergy Moon , they choice SM due its open mind and global view in benefit of the human kind. Space Exploration cannot be an event of a single Team or even a single country or company. It should be a no Flag , no Political , no regional , attitude involving all level of the society in benefiti of the future of the Earth , and Synergy Moon started its mission with this vision in min.creating the Space Open Project. 

I have the habit to say: "Together we are more crazy" , and "We are here to do the impossible things" , but with this teams I rephrase my words: "Together we can Dream More". -- Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti.

Sergio conclude: "We are developing from the zero level a way to transport humanity creations to the Moon". . Some times I think that we should be called  Apollo 18 , to continue from where NASA has stoped. But we a not a new Apollo 11. We are a comple diferent concept. Our mission is to discover how the entire humany can explore the space. Thats why we call us Space Explorers. 

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