SpaceMETA join Synergy Moon , to the good of Independent Space Exploration

SpaceMETA join Synergy Moon , to the good of Independent Space Exploration - Google Lunar XPRIZE & Football: Space transfer news & rumors

See You Soon, On The Moon!


AUTOR: Alen Haman

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Google's Lunar XPrize and elite football are much alike at the moment - as we watch space transfer news and rumors pour in almost every hour over the last few days.

The space transfer window is officialy open for the teams who finished the group stage of the competition and are heading for the knock-out stage, with big awards for those who reach the finals and prizes for special individual achievements.

And so the news that came on December 19th exploded like bombshell, an absolute shocker. Astrorobotic, by far the strongest and most advanced team, announced its "graduation" from the Google Lunar XPrize.

In the world of football, that is like having Real Madrid suddenly saying they are abandoning the Champions League.

In a statement published by SPACENEWS magazine we were informed that "Real Madrid" is going to join some super professional and ultra rich private league created by powerful sponsors and wealthy prepaid viewers, with no public allowed in the stadiums. Not making it easier on faithful fans around the globe, they have announced that their first official match will be played with Pittsburg based Rust Belt "sometime" in 2019. 

Only the day after, The Verge ran a story about the HAKUTO team joining Team Indus.

Which is something like Gareth Bale reacting to Real Madrid's sudden "graduation" from the Champions league by joining Bayern Munich for the knock-out stage - and paying for his place in the German team by only taking a share of the spoils in any possible victory.. 

On the third day, the space rumors started. First slowly with a posible extension of the XPrize's deadline, in order to enable one of the strongest teams - Israel's SPACEIL - to sign a launching contract. This was understandable and fair, as everyone knows that their troubles started with the explosion of the SpaceX rocket this summer.

Than another very important rumor surged into the orbit of the XPrize. This one was about the future of Chile's team AngelicvM - who found themselves out of the race with no rocket, the same as HAKUTO, after Astrobotics quit the competition. Here, I see Luka Modrić at a career crossroads after his teammate's decision -  should I now follow Gareth Bale, or cut my own path or just go buy some land, plant grapes and olives and live happy ever after?

If you follow the AngelicvM link, you will come across one of the most beautiful messages ever seen in a competition. Something like Luka's dance in the midfield. Their main purpose is to build a rover that will land on the moon and send back to Earth a "high definition music video that carries a message of faith, hope, peace and unity to the world. It is our hope that this message will reach across the globe and impact all of humanity for the better". And in the second line it gets even better, like one of those "out of this world" Luka assists that slices through the heart of a defence:

"We want to create awareness of the problems that we face as a global community, and encourage the new generations to get involved and work together to make a difference. If we win the competition, we are hoping to use the prize money to continue supporting our cause of exploration, hope and unity; creating a movement that will outlive the competition and reach each and every heart."

That is why any rumor about Team AngelicvM rejoining Google's Lunar XPrize is just superb news, as great as this competition is, it would be greater if a team with a purpose and message stated as the above were to win it. 

In fact, their message is pure Synergy, - so it begs the question what they were doing teaming up with Astrorobotics in a first place? We have learned Astrorobotics is just a business and not a proton more. And another question hangs in the air, is Luka Modrićgoing to team up with his Raketa?

And so to Synergy themselves, a team that my schoolmate Nebojša Stanojević founded with his friends and partners, and one I know better than any other.

I will now paraphrase a famous line from Douglas Adams: "Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the southern spiral arm of Europe, lies the small unregarded land of Bosnia and its rebel town of Tuzla."

It is in Tuzla where the founder and some members of Team Synergy Moon first entered this world. And it's one of the reasons why Team Synergy Moon chose Front Slobode - Tuzla's only web portal known to Wikipedia - to communicate their sensational space transfer news about an amazing link-up with Brasil's SpaceMETA, as well as Independence X from Malaysia, Stellar - an international team and the USA's Omega Envoy.

In the world of football news this would be the equivalent of Barcelona agreeing a new contract with Neymar only for a share of the spoils in the Champions League, and he turns up bringing Thiago SilvaDavid Luiz and Casemiro with him too.

If I had wings, right now i would be flying over the Atlantic to Grande Brasil, to meet and interview Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti, founder of the SpaceMETA team. This man, who was born in the city of Natal on Brazil's far north-eastern coast, likes to say: "Together We Are More Crazy".

Why did they select Team Synergy Moon? Beside the fact they have already qualified for the last stage of the Lunar XPrize, some answers we can probably find in their official mission statement. It is here they present themselves as a joint force made from "InterPlanetary Ventures, the Human Synergy Project and Interorbital Systems with teams in over 15 countries that actively promote international cooperation in space exploration and development." 

But Team Synergy Moon is not just about space business, it's very much about humans too, and about something we must never forget to do - dream. They are a cluster of brilliant stars dispersed around Planet Earth who got together through that most human of activities - co-operation. Scientists, innovators, businesmen, artists, sportsmen, adventurers - all of them dreamers, but those who dream with their eyes wide open.

So this is why they remind me so much of FC Barcelona. So many unique stars in such spectacular synergy, with diverse backgrounds and different journeys behind them - but now competing together.

By learning together to fly to the Moon and back sending HD video and data, their rover teams will bring Earth's natural satellite closer to humanity than ever before. Being pioneers in human space travel and interplanetary exploration, they are also opening business opportunities for bold and brave companies.

When I asked my schoolmate about the best closing scenario for Google's Lunar XPrize - although I do not remember him ever kicking a football - he answered as a real sportsman:

"I would love to land our rovers on the Moon on time, and to find there some other teams to race and beat." As an ex-basketball player, despite the great prize for winners, I would wish the same. What is purpose of money itself if you don't know how to win and lose?

We'll leave the last words to Team Synergy Moon:

See You Soon, On The Moon!

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