We are nominated for 3 golden lions at the Cannes festival!

We, the PTScientists, the Berlin Germany based team of scientists and engineers working with the AUDI AG on the first private Mission to the Moon have been nominated for 3 Golden Lions at Cannes Festival of Creativity and Innovations. On Monday we presented our mission, our technology und the public outreach strategy in a closed session to the Jury of Cannes Festival. The primary nomination is in the creative innovation category honouring brands and initiatives going new ways in promotion. As part of the cooperation with Audi we will deliver two lunar rovers - the Audi Lunar Quattro's - to the moon by late 2017. The rovers will be delivered to the moon using the recently presented third generation landing module prototype the ALINA spacecraft. ALINA refers to the Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module, a lunar lander technology presented at International Airshow in Berlin capable of delivering up to 100kg of payload mass to the surface of the moon. They key technology driver behind ALINA is the modular design, making it compatible with all mayor low-cost satellite launch vehicle solutions. For the Audi Lunar Quattro the main technology driver are the rough terrain capabilities, the lightweight design and scientific instruments geared towards ISRU. The integration of Audi street car core technologies such as the Quattro drive, the e-tron electrical subsystem and the Ultra lightweight structural optimisation, specifically in the form of Aluminum and Magnesium based 3D printed structural parts are the reason for the nominations at the Cannes festival. It is the first time that a traditional industry leader is reaching out with it's core competencies towards space exploration in an attempt to reach new key audiences in terms of marketing and brand building.

The winners of the Cannes nominations will be announced by Thursday and we will keep you posted about the results.

[The original article was postet on Space Watch Middle East]

The ALINA Spacecraft next to the Audi Lunar Quattro rover:


The PTScientists and the ALQ rover at the Cannes Festival

The PTScientists team alongside the Audi brand agency Thjnk shortly before the Jury presentation.

Robert Boehme CEO of PTScientists and Michael Foertsch creative director at the Audi campaign Agency Thjnk.

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