SpaceIL to reach another milestone: propulsion system purchased

We have some exciting news!

SpaceIL achieves a major milestone in its journey the moon: SpaceIL had signed a contract with Israel Aerospace Industries for the purchase of the main component of the spaceship, which is actually 80 percent of it: the propulsion system (The engine and 4 fuel tanks). This is another progress from planning to actual implementation and the building stage of the spacecraft. From the moment the contract was signed, the process of manufacturing the propulsion parts and installing them (Integration) is expected to take about a year and a half.

In this context, Adam green, head of Mission Analysis which is in charge of planning the exact spacecraft's orbit from the earth to the moon, explains in the following video the different maneuvers that will be used in order to efficient the fuel use and to make sure that the SpaceIL spacecraft has enough of it to land on the moon.

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