Reviews, alliances & moving to Bangalore @2013-Q2

A quarter spent on getting some of our industry alliances in place, moving to a new city and then some.

We moved to Bangalore, with the resolution that our next move will be to SHAR :))

We conducted 2 technical reviews this quarter, and we have reason to believe we are one review away from getting done with PDR, it has been a while in the making, appears within sight now.

We had the opportunity to meet with and present our case to some leading academic institutes and their response has been enthusiastic to say the least. IITM, IIITB, Tezpur University – thank you for agreeing to be part of our engineering effort.

Team @Shashtra-2014 thank you for all your hard work, we are excited for an opportunity to support your year-long program to identify closet space scientists in India – this should be fun!

Mentors & Team members
We are privileged to have the guidance of Dr Dilip Bonde on Aerostructure design. We are in the process of putting together the PDR committee and are pleased to have significant interest from industry experts.

We added some great new talent to our team – Reuben Fernandes, Mounika Palreddy, Vishesh Vatsal joined as full time members. Our batch of summer interns Rishi Agarwal, Rahul Varma, Divyansh Pal have been a reasonably productive lot, we could use a few more next semester break.

We value your support, it makes all this seem possible - follow us & track our progress at - facebook.com/teamindus.in & Google+ page

-- Rahul Narayan
Team Indus - Lead

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