Armchair Rocketeers League #TeamIndus

“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.”
~ LupitaNyong’o, best supporting actress, Oscars 2014, for 12 Years a Slave

Steven Spielberg created a Space Renaissance, some say. Like the original Renaissance movement, it replicated the domino effect – ideas and innovations crashed into each other, added to each other and created a spectacular, final force that ended in stunning, path-breaking creation.

But that was fiction. This, people, is the REAL THING. Make no mistake. This is about guts and glory, in real time and in the real world.

So here it is – the flesh-and-blood Star War for launching India’s Space Renaissance. TheArmchair Rocketeers League, amega monthly online contest designed to let every aerospace genius be a part of the Team Indus Moon shot 2015, ready for take-off!!

Here’s how it works: Starting this month, on the 2014-MARCH-07 1600 IST to be precise, we will post a ‘problem’ question on a public forum (bit.ly/ARL-S1) every month. You need to come up with a solution to the ‘problem’, not later than 21st of the month. Winners’ names (yup, there will be more than one!) will be revealed on the last day on the month.

Statutory Alert! These ‘problems’ are real, and the solutions need to be as real. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill!

So why do this? Well, first, it’s technically impossible for us to reach out to the thousands of space Einstein’s out there somewhere in India, and let them know that they SHOULD and CAN be part of the dream to the get the US$30M Google Lunar XPRIZE to India.

Second, we know many of you are insanely talented and aching to make yourself seen and heard. Well, this contest is literally that Big Door -- your opportunity to live those dreams in real-time, in a real-life situation.

What’s in it for you, you say? Well, apart from the fact that you could be part of one of the top 3 global team in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, and a multi-million-dollar first-ever aerospace mission from India, there is also a commercial booty to be had. We have a total recurring prize purse of INR 50,000 every month, split up into three categories of winners: INR 30,000, INR 15,000, and INR 5,000.

Yeah, so as is clear, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to reboot the process of creating an army of next-generation aerospaceaces from India. The ARMCHAIR ROCKETEERS LEAGUE is only the first frontier of this dream. And as we keep saying, we intend to stay the course on this one. Because, like the supremely able Ms Nyong’o, we are absolutely sure this dream – and yours -- are unquestionably valid...

Get started right here - http://www.bit.ly/ARL-S1

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