Counting down to LRC-2014 @Sponsored by Sasken

Lunar Rover Challenge-2014

An event sponsored by Sasken Communications and co-hosted by Team Indus & Shaastra-2014 to look for the great hackers who can pull off a planetary rover within the limited time & resources. This event is a fantastic opportunity for Team Indus to crowd source talent & ideas from all over India.

Event format
Lunar Rover Challenge, LRC for short, is being conducted in two rounds. The first round was a design presentation round where teams from various colleges presented their designs to a panel of judges. Teams were shortlisted based on these presentations and the selected teams moved onto the Prototype demonstration round.

In this round scheduled for 4th January 2014, the teams are required to demonstrate their prototypes and race them against competing teams.

The Numbers

  • 201 Teams registered themselves and 75 teams presented their designs at three zones – North-FOSTIIMA, DELHI; Central – VJTI, Bombay; South-IIT Madras
  • 50 of these teams were shortlisted for the demonstration round.
  • 15 teams shall be eliminated from the I Filter.
  • Top 5 teams of this round are directly promoted to the finals.
  • Rest of the 30 teams will work their way into finals through II Filter.
  • 10 teams will be eliminated from the second filter there by promoting 10 teams on to the Finals.
  • These rounds are fixed-time trials where each of the team is given 8 minutes of run for I Filter and 14 minutes of run for the II Filter. Bonus points are awarded to the teams visiting ‘Artefacts’ and ‘Check-points’ and to those which transfer High quality imagery.
  • Penalties are in place in case the bot needs any rescue, i.e. to shift its position to the last known point or withdrawing it from the surface for quick over haul.
  • There are more penalties if the bot crosses the safety border around artefacts or provides a low quality imagery.
  • Five teams will be promoted from I Filter and 10 teams qualified from the II Filter will get into another run where they aim for the provided distance target.
  • Fastest team in the final round wins, and we will declare 5 winning teams, along with a bunch of bonus prizes to go with them
  • Speed is not everything. To make this more fun, 3 rovers shall start at a time from the same point.

Come on over to cheer your team at Shaastra-2014, Chennai, India on 4th January 2014.

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