ARTEMIS Open Space Programme

This month marks the launch of the ARTEMIS Open Space Programme, which aims to revolutionize the way we access space through developing a citizen science initiative that is open to everyone. ARTEMIS Space, a new startup company, is behind the programme, and seeks to create opportunities for young people and adults to participate in a number of space missions, using space science as a platform for acquiring new knowledge and skills, and increase public understanding in the role that space plays in our everyday lives. Supported by a number of international partners, organisations and space agencies, the ARTEMIS Open Space Programme will bring educational workshops to community groups across the world, and will facilitate challenges and competitions to motivate public participation in finding solutions to today’s pressing social challenges. Peace Flame House, Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina, European HQ for Synergy Moon and one of the first Artemis seminar sites. The projects within the ARTEMIS Open Space Programme have been developed in cooperation with team Synergy Moon and other organizations to reach out to support young people and adults with a focus on supporting STEAM education and skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), with a special emphasis on reaching communities in deprived regions for wider economic and social impact. Using the “Citizen Science” approach, the public will have the opportunity to act as scientists and participate as crew members for forthcoming missions to explore space by working alongside scientists and engineers, participate in scientific research, and contribute to new discoveries. The ARTEMIS Open Space Programme will also play an integral role in contributing to the management of natural disasters and sustainable development to lift the world’s most vulnerable out of poverty. Sotira Trifourki, ARTEMIS Space CEO comments “The benefits of space include monitoring our environment, research into improving our health and transport systems, and developing technology which can fuel innovation and create jobs to boost our economy. The possibilities are endless.” The ARTEMIS Open Space Programme is an initiative which has its roots within the private space sector. ARTEMIS Space was co-founded by Team Synergy Moon, one of the 18 teams competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, where teams are competing in an international contest to safely land a rover on the surface of the Moon and create a new “Apollo” moment to spur continuous space exploration. See You Soon, On The Moon!

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