Welcome Back to the Competition!

When I heard two months ago about the latest teams to drop out of the competition my first thought was about the people from those teams I had come to know. I consider this competition to be one of the greatest opportunities ever to get involved in space and couldn’t understand why anyone would drop out before the end. So I reached out and started a few conversations. All the conversations aren’t over yet, but I am happy to say that two friends have decided to join our team and continue to participate in this great adventure.

Blaze Sanders was the Technical Program Manager for team JURBAN. He is currently the CTO of Solar System Express, a New Space company created in August 2010 to enable space settlement, via increased human capability on Earth. The company’s product lines include the Gravity Development Board (GDB), a space tolerant, open hardware prototyping board that can sense and control its environment. With technical expertise from Blaze, we will pioneer the use of the GDB in our lunar lander and our rovers. Blaze is an energetic visionary engineer with the goal to enable the "NewSpace" revolution, enabling sustained space exploration, for both humans and robots.

Curt Walsh was one of the propulsion engineers for team Phoenicia. This was not his first space related competition. Curt formed team Seraphim Works to build a rocket powered lander and participate in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. He brings the skeleton of that lander with him to our team, which we will use as a test platform for our lander technology. His engineering knowledge and experience will be invaluable to our team as lead engineer for our lander construction.

Welcome Back Blaze and Curt! See You Soon, On The Moon!

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