Interorbital Systems Unveils NEPTUNE L-1000

New Lunar Launch Vehicle for Team SYNERGY MOON

Team SYNERGY MOON is doing something different from the other 17 teams still competing in the Google Lunar XPRIZE: we are building our own launch vehicle. Our partner and launch provider Interorbital Systems (IOS) is a rocket and satellite development company located in Mojave, California, the Silicon Valley of New Space. Interorbital doesn’t have the luxury of being funded by one of the dotcom fortunes, nor the backing of venture capital. Instead, IOS is self-funded, financing development through the faith and confidence of its customers, who are putting down cash for satellite kits and future launch services; their current payload manifest includes 80+ CubeSats and TubeSats, to be carried to Low Earth Orbit on Interorbital’s first three sold-out orbital missions. The Common Propulsion Module (CPM), the primary building block for IOS launch vehicles, is now beginning flight tests, the first of which will carry five customers’ suborbital payloads. Starting the flight-test program means orbital launches of customer payloads are on the near horizon. The use of CPMs and the parallel-staging system designed for the NEPTUNE-series will enable the creation of an affordable, game-changing, dedicated small-satellite launch vehicle. Orbital flights should begin at the end of this year. That same modular approach and staging technology will be incorporated into the new launch vehicle featuring larger tankage, higher-thrust engines, and a proprietary quick-build assembly methodology. Interorbital Systems has designed the NEPTUNE L-1000 launch vehicle to speed development and construction of the Moon Rocket in time for SYNERGY MOON’s 2015 lunar mission. The new design, pictured here, uses three stacked-stages, with each stage consisting of four Lunar Common Propulsion Modules (LCPMs). The payload fairing crowning the rocket will hold the TLI stage (Trans Lunar Injection) and the lunar lander. See You Soon, On The Moon!

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