Photo: Gravity Team from Kutina

Many months have passed from the beginning of the Balloon Stellar Stratosphere competition. We had 21 teams, 112 participants, press conferences, presentations, workshops, and now it is almost over for this year. We have the winners! Unofficial, for the moment, because the deadline for the appeals has not expired yet.

The winner is the high school student team Gravity from Kutina. Congratulations!

The second placed team is Space Jet, also from Kutina, and the third placed team is Bjelovar Stellar Laboratory from Bjelovar.

The first placed team won 30,000 kuna, the second placed team won 20,000 kuna and the third placed team won 10,000 kuna.

Beside the financial award, the best team won laptops from one of the sponsors of the competition, AMD, the leading designer and integrator of innovative, tailored technology solutions.

Other teams will receive some valuable and exciting awards too. Sponsors of the competition Balloon Stellar Stratosphere have prepared some surprises for the teams.

 Croatia Airlines gives 12 observation flights in the cockpit on domestic lines.    .

Several pilot schools will provide panoramic flights for over 20 students in small airplanes. Providers of those flights are pilot schools Pan Aero Services, ECOS, Air Pannonia and Delic Air.

Končar electrical industry will provide T-shirts for the competitors, and TELE2 gave pre-paid mobile phone cards for each participant of the competition with 3GB Internet traffic.

Now we just have to wait for the appeals deadline to expire, and, on 2nd July, we'll have the award ceremony. And we are already preparing for the next year's competition. Yes, it will become a regular yearly event.

Team Stellar participated in the Google Lunar XPRIZE summit in Budapest in the period between 4th and 6th of June.

As a participant in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, it is Team Stellar’s duty and honor to participate in the annual Google Lunar XPRIZE summits.

The summit was a great opportunity to meet friends from other teams and the Google Lunar XPRIZE management. Each team had an opportunity to present what they have done in the past year, and Google Lunar XPRIZE made several presentations to help our progress. In addition, we had the chance to meet the judges who will determine whether the conditions of the Master Team Agreement have been met in order to win the prizes. It was a great privilege to meet these experts who made inspiring presentations about their background and the way the judging panel will work.

 As it is common for such events, the Teams also had a chance to participate in the other events, for example, to view the 3D video about the mankind’s new travel to the Moon and examine the latest 3D printing technologies. Team Stellar won the award for the Most Inspiring Presentation and the Best Quote.

We are looking forward to some new potential partnerships the opportunity for which arose at the meetings during the Summit. It was a great experience, and we are grateful to Google Lunar XPRIZE and Team Puli, our hosts, for their efforts in organizing the summit.

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